Trick Eye Museum in Singapore | Custom Carpentry Services | UCI

The name itself is an obvious explanation. It is to trick what you see. Trick Eye is said to be the short term for “Trick of the Eye”, which refers to a very artistic way of seeing the paintings from two-dimensional aspect into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusion.

Trick Eye Museum was inspired by a breakthrough of concepts in the 14th century, which laid the foundation of the development on optical control in painting and architecture. The said art technique gained its popularity during the 17th century among the French court and social elites.

After the great success from Tax Free World Association Exhibition, the Kingsmen International approached our team, and handed over the “Trickeye Museum” project. With the capability and efficiency, our carpenters have been placed fully in-charge of its carpentry works.

This project has been an honor for the fine craftsmanship it had shown in the making of Trick Eye Museum. Not only that, the collaboration with Kingsmen’s Project Manager had resulted to a successful delivery of great workmanship. You may visit the site www.rwsentosa.com for images and more information.