Legend Office Interior Design in Singapore | Uniconnect Interior

LEGEND OFFICE: We Work! We thrive! We aim HIGH!

If Mona Lisa is the legendary painting, our workplace is the legendary office. It is crafted and styled by our very own Uniconnect Interior, where enthusiasts gather and innovate. The achievement of this new stylized office are an inspiration from the Company. It’s simplistic minimalist layout, gives off a professional and systematic impression as an organization.

However, before arriving to that conclusion, our team has come up with many ideas that perfectly fits the kind of office environment, together with the Company’s compassionate and hard-working individuals. The ideas were thoughtfully agreed on, and resulting to what we have now.

The Legend office is now a newly furnished office that is truly for legends. With our expertise, we were able to capture its professional look and ambiance using a minimalist style to give the office, not just an atmosphere fit for working, but also a classy look.