Indian Heritage Centre | Cultural Centre and Museum in Singapore


Achievement is quite impossible without manpower. A popular quote from Francois de La Rochefoucauld says, “Thinkers think and Doers do.” Uniconnect Interior have been powered by both Thinkers and Doers, and as they conspire their work together, the outcome was rather superb.

The team has shown full dedication in making the project rewarding, not only for the Company but as well as the client. (Please refer to the documented photos.)

Indian Heritage Centre is located at 5 Campbell Lane in India. It has about 3,090 sq m and four-storey building structure. Indian Heritage Centre, is not only a viewing display museum, it is also full of recreational activities suitable for kids, youths, and even adults for them to engage. Everyone can come and join in the fun of what the centre can give you.

We have been appointed for the production of showcases and carpentry work for the newly Indian Heritage Centre. Our own leading carpenter had been given the task to delegate with Project Manager coordinating the timeline and progress.