What we can do


Make your home cozier with a perfect renovation. Uniconnect Systems gives you the finest feature your house can have. From an obsolete arrangement turning it into a sophisticated design, you are assured of a proficient and quality assessments and materials!

How this works

Want to live in a better home? Here in Uniconnect Systems, we will give you an extraordinary renovation that you need. Plan with us your ideal outcome for your home reconstruction and witness your designs coming to an existence.


By providing us with pictures and/or materials, we can assure you of having the renovation done in no time. Your ideas will be assessed carefully to ensure a better quality. Adjustments on the renovations will have proper consultations with the client/s, so as to not disrespect the client/swith the changes made.

Feel at ease and worry less. Our personnel have reliable capabilities and proficiency in handling the work through the years of countless experiences.


Determining the specifics of the layout and the company-client commitment are extremely essential to us. Access us easily through our branch situated in Singapore. From the innovative minds together with the availability of advance technology, and the competence in giving the best quality service, we guarantee you a full accomplishment of the renovation.

Your home needs renovation from time to time, transforming the house both in its exterior and interior appearance, to make it look sophisticated and feel differently than before.Giving your home a makeover enhances your lifestyle, and adding significance to the household.

Visual Features of our Renovation Work

  • Choice of paint colors will be the basic material needed for the entire refurbishment.
  • Inner completion involves the setting up of the electrical wirings which are consulted before proceeding in the installation and finishing up by adding on wallpapers or decorations (chosen by the client).
  • Other interior finishing consists of placing in the fixtures and materials that fits the room or the interior of the house.
  • Exterior structures could have additional expanses or discard sections that aren’t functional.


It is our pleasure in helping you with your renovation necessities! Contact us or make an appointment so you can see for yourself our works and on-going developments!

Take a peek on our projects available online by visiting our Gallery Page forphotos and further information on our utilities.